Tim SutinenAfter I posted about Tim Sutinen, last night, he called me to talk up his latest campaign event, his biggest splash yet: Starting at 7:00AM in Longview, at the 11th and Tennant Texaco, he’s giving voters discounted fuel, 50¢ off per gallon!

I think he said there would be a 15 gallon limit. But I may have misheard.

I’ve seen politicians provide rubber chicken dinners, barbecues, and even (in my neck of the woods) salmon dinner events, to entice voters. But not cheap gas!

Tim said that he didn’t want to spend his remaining campaign funds on more advertising. “Voters are sick of advertising,” he told me. He’s surely right about that.

I don’t think they’re sick of cheaper gas, though. It’s a good bet for a good will event.

Sutinen said he’d have signs up at the Texaco, to explain the lower prices.

Ah, nothing says “thanks” like a gas war.

UPDATE: I hear tell that Tim is doing it again, but now in Kelso at the Allen Street Chevron — and at a buck per gallon discount!

UPDATE 2: The second run is at the Shell station next to the GoodWill in Longview, on 15th. I just came from there. It was busy at 4:00pm.

UPDATE 3: Here’s a news report about the event.