Who says the U.S. government isn’t preparing for the future?

Our higher-ups realize they have painted themselves into a corner, and that the coming collapse will be spectacular — and that We, the People will be “up in arms.”

So our government is preparing to put us down.

The end of the last vestiges of the republic will be marked on that day, as federal troops fire into crowds of rioting proles and lumpenproles. And pensioners.


2717 Mine and IED resistant, 50 caliber shell proof,armored personnel carriers purchased to be deployed on the streets of America.  Now.

1.6 billion 40 caliber, holowpoint bullets, illegal to be used in warfare per the Geneva convention.  Purchased to be used by the DHS, ATF, HSA, DEA, and assorted other feral govenrment agencies.  Enough for 100 years of “practicing” at the current rate of use.  Enough to have waged war in Iraq for 30 years at the rate that our troops used bullets.  To be used here in the streets of America.

“Gentlemen may cry peace, but there is no peace.  Where is the enemy in this quarter of the globe that requires such a massive accumulation of arms and munitions?  I have news for you gentlemen.  We are that enemy.  Have we shown ourselves so unwilling to be reconcilled that force must be called in?  These are implements of war and subjugation. They…

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