This man, The Amazing Atheist, asks the question: should we boycott the upcoming Ender’s Game flick because the author of the original, eponymous book “is a douchebag.” (And worse: “fucking pussy.”) How is Orson Scott Card a “douchebag” etc.? By opposing gay marriage, by being a social ultraconservative, and by saying extreme things in defense of same . . . but most particularly for his back-pedaling regarding his most outrageous statements, in fear of the threatened boycott.

Now, I don’t agree with Card. I find the disjunct between his sometimes brilliant and humanistic science fiction and his crackpot conservatism puzzling, to say the list. But if I boycotted movies because of the “douchebaggery” of the films’ creators, I wouldn’t get to see many movies. Surely, “douchebaggery” is not limited in our culture to Orson Scott Card, homophobes, or the far right.

Oh, and by the way, this video presenter uses a lot of vulgar language, most of it unnecessary and none of it amazing. He shouldn’t call himself The Amazing Atheist. How about “The Fucking Anti-Faithist”? You know, to forestall “douchebag” charges.