If you belong to, or merely cheer on,, you are estopped from hysterical complaint about the Koch bros.

Why? Because the logic of accepting the funds of one rich dude take your standing away from bitching about the political donations of other rich dudes.

Interestingly, though I’ve often heard conservatives lambaste Soros and his political projects, I rarely hear such complaints from libertarians, who share more of their values with the Kochs. Maybe libertarians are more attuned to cognitive dissonance, and take pains to avoid it.

Or maybe it’s just that leftists cannot help themselves from complaining about “the rich,” but, being so big-hearted and all, forgive their own multitudes of rich donors and wealthy fellow complainers.

Still, you could cut the cognitive tension here with . . . a razor:

Billionaires who don’t agree with us and who support their causes: dastards!

Billionaires who agree with us and who support our causes: heroes all, unimpeachable saviors of civilization!