Green Eggs at Gunpoint

The difference, not acknowledged by this clever Internet meme, is that Obamacare is being shoved down our throats, while Dr. Seuss’s green advocate was merely trying to persuade us.

After all, the medical insurance reform bill was voted in by people who had not read it. They were obviously persuaded by something else than its content.

It was “sold” to the American people based on lies — that is, promises the prez knew he couldn’t keep. And now we are about to begin to see what the upfront costs are.

And these new costs are the result of impositions upon us. I can tell you, I have no desire to change my insurance policy. My insurer would be happy to continue to offer me the old plan. But mine has been found wanting in the eyes of our overlords, and I will be forced (if not quite “at gunpoint,” the usual government-to-servile equivalent) to buy a new one. Likely, from what I hear, a much more expensive one.

Analysts are universal in admitting, by the way, that the hardest to be hit will be folks like me, who pay for their own insurance out of pocket, no intermediaries like “employer” or “government.” Our costs are going way up, to the point many of us will be forced onto welfare rolls, therefore increasing costs for everyone else.

When a gun is pointed to your head, you don’t say “Hey, pull the trigger. After all, I’ve never been shot before!”