So who “shut down” the government? The House Republicans or the Senate Democrats?

My take is not the “MoveOn” take, the view of Jon Stewart or other lickspittle to ever-advancing government.

As I understand it, the House approved funding for the government in the usual manner, subject to three revisions in the Affordable Health Care Act:

  1. Extending to all Americans the one-year delay granted (perhaps illegally by the President) to big businesses;
  2. Withdrawing special subsidies to workers on Capitol Hill, forcing congressional aides and other federal workers (including Congress) to go onto the same “Marketplaces” set up by the government that most other Americans have to; and
  3. Taking away a tax on certain medical instruments.

The Senate decided not to go along with this deal, deciding that it was better to go ahead with Obamacare in its “pristine” form (as amended unilaterally by the president, and amended again to exempt Congress, by Congress) than approve the spending authorization.

The House obviously forced the Senate to choose. The Senate chose, like Sophie and her children. The Senate obviously judged one tax and two special privileges were more important than funding government.

That is, Senate Democrats thought that. They went for special privileges for INSIDERS and a tax over the smooth operation of the government they are charged with.

I don’t see how House Republicans can be blamed alone. Nor do I see the rationale on “equality” grounds for the way Obamacare is being implemented. Indeed, the Democrats risked a lot to keep their main constituents (Capitol Hill workers and big businesses) appeased.

I bet we’ll hear something very different from journalists, today, though. As the news unfolds I’ll see if I erred in fact or judgment.