The spectacular failure of is no surprise. It’s a typical progressive program, a nostrum that demonstrates the vacuity of progressivism itself.

Modern progressivism rests upon metaphysical fantasy: “That shouldn’t BE” and “just do IT” . . . Imagination of an alternative is the same thing as possibility, in progressives’ eyes. If they can dream it, it can be done. They imagine something nice,  then simply enact a law. So of course they expect it to just “happen”!

There is no complexity to their vision of social causation. For them, “with government, all things are possible.” Progressives love to make fun of religious people for believing mythological things. But they’re worse. At least most modern religious people believe things that can’t easily be disproven, focusing on the afterlife, which cannot easily be falsified, and a distant supernatural realm, carefully removed from everyday reality. But progressives believe idiotically hopeful things about institutions that regularly and continually fail! Their whole ideology is a head beating itself against a wall, forever.

The Ontological Argument for the Perfection of Government seems to be their basic notion. As they see it,

1. Government is the biggest and most pervasive intentional social institution;

2. We have good intent to use it;

3. Our goodness, knowing no bounds, and government’s scope, acknowledging no bounds, together make for unlimited Perfectly Good Government.

4. And why not? We imagine perfection; a condition of perfection is its instantiation (that is, the condition of ultimate perfection is its instantiation in existence); therefore, government is a perfectly honed instrument for our own good intentions.

The only trouble is: reactionaries! They thwart Perfect Government. If only democracy would allow us to disenfranchise them!!! Rumblings heard round the progressive movement, blaming every failure on Republicans, no surprise. Though, it’s quite obvious, most of progressives’ failures are the result of their own lack of intelligence, skills, and … perfection.