Sometimes, you just have to switch from Fox News to some other channel.

Not too many months ago, much was made on Fox about a particular surfer dude who collects “food stamps” (that is, uses an EBT card). Bill O’Reilly sent Jesse Watters to report on the previously reported-on (by John Stossel) California surfer who doesn’t have a paying job, but is, instead, working on his rock band Ratt something-or-other, all the while being fed by American taxpayers.

The rock-n-rollin’ surfer dude appeared unrepentant. “Am I supposed to apologize for how the system is set up?” No. Does he have a moral responsibility to grow up and get off the government teat? Not asked, but the answer is Yes.

Jesse Watters did ask him about the size of the federal debt, and did imply he wasn’t a very good American.

On The Five, Bob Beckel was incredulous that his conservative co-hosts were making a big deal about the Fox devil-of-the-day. “Why don’t you report on the families who get necessary food from the program?” Oddly? No good answer. The Five’s conservatives avoided directly dealing with liberal Bob Beckel’s challenge, other than by being dismissive.

That’s no way to carry on a debate.

The answer could have been: “The food stamp program has ballooned under Obama. Moochers gaming the system should be booted off. That would save the system for those who really need it.”

Or, if you believe, as Andrea Tantaros does, that “welfare” (state aid) should be wholly a matter for the state governments and not the federal government, you could say that “The abuse of the system is the corruption of the American people. To better help people who really need help, we need local oversight, local control, not a federal program. The surfer dude’s gleeful corruption isn’t merely laughable, it’s immoral.”

But no rational arguments were made.

Another day I switched off Fox out of frustration.