Inequality is not a problem to be solved. It is a symptom to be diagnosed.

Diversity being the human norm, pure equality cannot be had — not amongst us Homo sapiens sapiens. Equality not being possible, inequality cannot, by itself, be considered a bad thing.

And yet there is something to equality. What is it? It is a term of art for the universalizibility of norms, for reciprocity at a fundamental level in society, and for the application of a standard fit for all. That standard, by term of art, is said to be “equally applied” to all. Basic rights, then are to be had (articulated for all and defended for all) equally. The timber of humanity being as twisted as it is, this will always remain a difficult task, putting equity into a system that defies it at every turn. But it is worth the attempt. Why? This is the one level of human interaction that equality gains purchase and does great good. The sole, single level.

Equity, then, being the application of a single standard, and equality understood only as a commitment to fundamental, basic rights that all must be said to “deserve,” is the whole of the concept of  equality in human affairs. All else is either gibberish or perversity.

Worrying about equality of some condition or other — aside from the equal application of a single, universal standard — is the sign of an immature mind.