A. Man is a tribal animal.*

B. I hate tribalism; I’m an individualist.†

C. I am not a man.‡

* Humans instinctively think and act in in-group/out-group fashion. The Friend/Enemy distinction is the most important distinction any person makes; where that distinction is widely drawn in the same way constitutes a culture, or perhaps nation. In-group love feeds off of out-group hate; fear of the out-group nurtures trust in the in-group. Liberalism grew to deal with this elementary and dangerous aspect of human nature. Modern liberals have found a way around this: they hate conservatives as the ultimate out-group.

† There are of course many meanings to “individualism” and “individualist.” I define individualism — my individualism, the classical liberal individualism — as the simultaneous method of focusing on individual action and behavior as the primary building block of all social systems (without denying emergent properties to those systems) and the norming of individual autonomy as a key to moral growth and human betterment. It is at base anti-tribal not in being against clans and tribes, but in being against tribal agendas as trumping and deciding what individuals may do. Individualism is the extension of the Law of the Stranger, and is a systematic regulation of deciding where coercion may be applied in assigning people to any possible out-group.

‡ Considering the low standards of the human, all-too-human, not finding inspiration in phrases like “man up” and “be a man” is hardly radical. In an age of the Last Man, and his low-level egoisms and altruisms, the Individual might laugh off suggestions of the Over-man, but hey: he’s gotten over being merely a man.
It is possible, of course, for a woman to transcend such old norms, too. All one has to do is meet a competent woman professional, or a confident married mother homeschooling her children, and you may see a fine example of an over-woman. A woman “so over” her tribal inheritance. But, alas, the modal Last Man, today, is either a welfare mom or a “mangina.” Servility is the lot of the average person in a welfare state —  the servility of the kept pet. The kind who always votes for “her party.”
It is time for White Fang to Go Dingo.