Sometimes the best compromise is to offer more than the other side wants.

Were I a Republican, and forced to work with our current Democratic President — a proud progressive — and were I looking for compromise, I would compromise on the minimum wage.

That is, I would “compromise”: If the prez asks for a $10.00 national minimum wage, I would say, “Sure, we can raise the minimum wage, but only if we double your figure. We’ll support a $20 minimum wage.”

How could the prez be against that? We “know” from all the “studies” done by “economists” (heh heh) that raising the minimum wage does not increase unemployment. I hear this from my “liberal” friends all the time. They mock my economic critique. So, if the minimum wage is so good if raised, why let it affect only a small fraction of the population? Bring it way up, so that it would cover almost all the lower-income working class.

Further, Democrats are always talking about “closing regulatory loopholes.” One big loophole is the private professional service sector. Make it illegal to hire any independent contractor below a $20/hour rate. Lawn care providers, pool cleaners, bath aides, charwomen, window cleaners — many of these people now work at very low hourly rates. Even some carpenters have been known to charge less.

Indeed, since the actual, gross wage (total cost of employment) of a $10/hour wager-earner is much higher than $10/hour (that is, the accounting conceit of the “employer’s contributions” to FICA as well as other “benefits” make the gross wage above the wage-slip published rate), the minimum would probably have to be at least $25 and possibly $30/hour for independent contractors. Raising the rate for non-wage service workers could “only” help those workers, right?

Republicans should insist on doubling any minimum wage, and make it far more strict, than Democrats demand. Make the Democrats defend their position.

If they are so foolish as to go for it, then watch what happens. It would be a teachable . . . economic collapse.IMG_0736