This testimony from an architect of Obamacare might not explain why the Democrats were tromped last week. But it explains why they deserved to be tromped.

It is a fine example of how state planning assumes anti-republican opacity rather than democratic transparency. Hayek wrote about this in The Road to Serfdom. Keynesian technocrat Brad DeLong confessed as much when he said that government policy would be great were it not for those darn kids, I mean, Republicans. All this shows the contempt for the common man and for opposing ideas that technocrats harbor, deep within their twisted souls.

And, I think, it shows how ill-fitted their ideas and programs are for Americans’ old notion of a free society.

Oh, and an addendum. A friend writes, expanding on my reaction to the video:

The other big news associated with this video is that SCOTUS is going to listen to arguments next year that may result in a decision to void subsidies to Obamacare enrollees in states which do not have state exchanges. That would put the whole program in fiscal jeopardy. I have no faith that SCOTUS will rule correctly, but because the subsidies are manifestly and indisputably illegal, I’ll concede 50-50 odds that they perhaps might do so.

Further addendum: The story about the man who keeps unmasking the truth about Obamacare:

Rich Weinstein is not a reporter. He does not have a blog. Until this week, the fortysomething’s five-year old Twitter account had a follower count in the low double digits.

“I’m an investment adviser,” Weinstein tells me from his home near Philadelphia. “I’m a nobody. I’m the guy who lives in his mom’s basement wearing a tinfoil hat.” (He’s joking about the mom and the tinfoil.)