I don’t speak Spanish, so my title is a guess. All I am trying to suggest is that the house I live in could be named, accurately, as the House of the Crazy Person Hours.

Or, more simply, as the House of Crazy Hours.

There are two humans, one feline, and countless flying rodents living under this roof in the country, and our schedules don’t seem to make much sense. Last night, suffering from a headache and my usual sleep disorders, sleep wouldn’t stick. So at 3 in the morning I took up work again, finishing an old project. After a few hours, I went back to bed again, successfully sleeping till the forenoon.

Down the hall from me, my housemate woke up about when I went to sleep, and, now that I am up and around, is thinking about going to sleep again.

Meanwhile, the cat just sleeps, oblivious.

Haven’t heard from the bats in a while.

Which is all just by way of explanation: because of my whacked-out sleep schedule, I let a half-finished blog post “publish” this morning. I was inattentive. It has now been removed from the blog. Those following this blog by email, however, got the half-written monstrosity in the email this morning, and for that I apologize.

So, back to my “regular day,” now, and to my reading.