(Womens Health) – Melissa McCarthy has hit back at a sexist male reporter’s harsh comment in the best possible way. In March 2015, the daily mail reporter cruelly labelled her “hideous” in a movie review sparking huge uproar. Her response? Losing an incredible 50 lbs in just 2 months. According to Melissa it was the most profound physical transformation of her life in such a short period.

Or so begins a bizarre Net advertisement for some possibly lunatic diet method I just came across.

What interest me is not its quality as a lede to shill a product (it could be pitch perfect, for all I care), but the bizarre misuse of the word “sexist.”

Sexism is not body shaming. Sexism once had a pretty exact meaning. It did not means “something bad associated with sex, especially by men directed against women.”

Of course, nowadays, that is probably all it means. After bouncing around for years, ideological words tend to degrade in meaning.

This has been a “gender”-free lexical complaint. Sort of.