A recent Facebook post of mine, from my LocoFoco.us page, the comments on top referring to the visual meme below: 

Not long after posting that, I came across another Muslim-focused meme, based on a story about a Muslim woman who felt “humiliated” on a plane.

I was less than completely sympathetic:

If the story is true, then the airline personnel did, I suppose, behave pretty stupidly. Par for that course, in these days of TSA nonsense and paranoia and idiotic regulation. But over-reaction on the part of others gives us no license, in such cases, for over-reaction ourselves.

I mean, come on here. I have never understood the idea of “humiliation” for being treated stupidly. It is the fool who should feel humiliation. If you have committed no error, no affront, but others have sinned, it is only your own weakness that prevents you from reacting from a stance of honor and confidence.

And, likewise, if others discriminate against you because too many members of your kind behave badly for those others to ignore (reasonably or un-), you may be irked by the discrimination, but remember: people cannot treat you as an “individual” in full humanity and as an end in yourself in all cases — simply cannot. 

Some seemingly unreasonable discrimination will always be with us.

So, be more annoyed with the members of your kind who put you in that predicament. Do not take umbrage against those who prepare against terroristic threat, taking on the risk and uncertainty surrounding that threat.

It is not impossible to do; the terms of your allegiance to “your kind” are under your control.

After all, I managed to do this before I was a mature adult. I reacted against my in-group 35 years ago and more, resisting an easy victim status in how I looked upon members of my kind when I was a young man, when I had to pay auto insurance rates more than double what women my age did. The insurance companies were not regarding my full individuality, focusing exclusively on my good driving habits, but necessarily (at least primarily) on my existence in a class whose probabilities were the basis of any possible contract between us. So, of course I despised (or at least expressed vexation with) the reckless drivers amongst my fellows, against members of my age group and sex. They were to blame for my ridiculously high insurance rates. To blame the insurance companies for “discrimination” (as feminists did at that time, regarding medical insurance that women used at far higher rates than men) would have been witless.

So, too, this woman. She has standing for vexation. Sure. But if she does not have the courage to express it against radical Muslim terrorists who have destroyed planes and accomplished this using small metal objects as weapons on planes — just as the simpleton airline employee expressed as a fear from her — then she is the bigot.

Victimhood is such a prized possession in our memescape that people seem no longer able to think their way out of idea traps like this, so disabled they are by ideology from confronting the issues we inevitably face . . . under the terms we should reserve for this confrontation: honesty and skepticism and tolerance.

Obstacles to self-control

The first hurdle is to accept your own responsibility for as far as that can reasonably go. If you don’t bathe, people will avoid you. You cannot blame them for being “anti-social.” If you hold to an ideology that includes crazed mass murderers, expect to find your belief system and your very own person at least sometimes under suspicion.

The second hurdle is the in-group allegiance, with which we are dealing here. If you always side with “your side” in disputes, you are probably not a moral person: you have either made yourself incapable of impartial thought and judgment, or have prevented yourself from rising to that level.

The the third hurdle is to understand the complexity and context of every conflict and tension. Ideas must reflect the whole and its parts. Mereology is at bottom absolutely essential for all humane thinking and acting.

So very modern

I usually emphasize the atavistic nature of Islam. But modern Muslims sure do have a knack of milking the modish progressive audience for every ounce of “the left’s” sacred victimhood.

Grow up, alleged disciples of Muhammad. Take mastery of yourself. Learn how to think and argue and comport yourselves as competent adults. Then maybe I’ll give your beliefs a modicum of serious attention. Until then, I will continue to dismiss you for your crazy, lunatic mélange of atavism and postmodernism, criminality and “victim” status.