Gutfeld book

Iran, they say, is a big problem.

They were the same folks who insisted on unseating Saddam Hussein. After Saddam’s removal, his ruled territory became subject to insurrection, civil war and a sphere of influence for Iran itself.

Who would have thought that creating a “power vacuum” might have bad consequences?

Oh, every realpolitik foreign policy maven before the fall of the USSR?

Something changed. What?

Today’s foreign policy mavens in America seem to think they are invincible, that America is invincible, and that everything learned before 1990 no longer applies.

Neoconservative foreign policy, which is pregressive Wilsonianism repackaged in service to Israel and the military-industrial complex, with a dollop of hope covering the base stock of irrealism, may be the biggest obstacle to foreign policy prudence in the world today. It is the policy of nincompoops rewarded for folly by a people unable to recognize complexity in matters relating to warfare.

And blessed by “ocean privilege.” (This includes the originator of the term “ocean privilege.”)