What do you make of left-thinking ideologues who vociferously object, and on putative high moral ground, to the “hatred” and allegedly vile discriminatory intent of folks expressing worries about Muslims amongst the Syrian refugees . . . but who, months and years earlier, uttered barely a peep while the bombs were being dropped and the arms were being shipped and the region was being destabilized by U.S. “foreign policy”?

Too little, too late, leftists.

If you object to turning away a horde of people that doubtless contains many aggrieved Muslim men itching for vengeance, but you did not object to your own government’s murderous, “no kill like overkill” part in stirring up their wrath — what moral high ground could you possibly stand upon?

That of a martyr, or of one contemplating martyrdom? Yes. That is about it.

For the record, I do not hate Muslims. I feel sorry for most of them. Most were born into a nutty religion that qualifies as the world largest “hate group” (not that progressives let us in the West call it by that term — “hate group” being a designation they reserve for us.) Most Muslims would just like to get richer and live in peace.

But I despise Wahabist radicals and their allied (and competing) terrorists from that region, at least as much as I despise my government’s murderous leaders.

For my part, I would be fine were America to take in every Jew, Christian and Yazidi refugee fleeing the Levant.

But Muslims? Seems like a bad bet. Let their fellow Muslim countries — Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Turkey — take them in.

Why do Americans on the left accuse their fellow Americans of hate for merely balking at taking in millions of Muslims, when actual Muslim countries won’t step up to the plate? Double standard. Where is leftist anger against Jordanian, Saudi and Turkish governments?

Being accused by leftists, or just plain old Democrats, of “hatred” is getting tiresome. It is especially tiresome since nearly the whole lot of their cultural vanguard, with whom I allied myself in the days of George W. Bush, abandoned the anti-war chant as soon as they got their beloved Barack Hussein Obama into office. The richness of their betrayal of the cause is leavened by their continued allegiance to their Their Man, who quickly proved himself (as he himself admitted) quite “good” at killing via drones.

Drone strikes that have killed far, far more innocents than terrorists.

Maybe the proper way to deal with the charge of hatred of others is to advocate a plan to accept all Jewish, Christian and Yazidi refugees. Demand it — better yet, organize it.

And then offer, just perhaps, to exchange them for our entire neoconservative and “liberal” leadership, including Obama and Hillary, who have helped cause the current mess. Let those hubristic, benighted buffoons put their loafers and pumps on the ground in Mesopotamia.

See what they can do when their rubber meets the sand.