Evelyn Waugh

In the age of transphilia, Time Magazine mistakes the sex of an author because of an assumption about gender cues. Evelyn Waugh was not a woman writer. J’accuse!

I have witnessed three or four uses of “gender” these last few days, and in each case the term was misused. In each case the person meant SEX, as in “the sex of the baby” — doctors cannot “assign” a gender. They designate a sex upon inspection. That’s all they do.

In one medical case, a famous person got pregnant with the help of a fertility specialist. She said she “chose” her baby’s “gender.” Also not possible. She chose her baby’s sex.

As far as I can tell, nearly all uses of “gender” are misuses according to Gender Theory. The fact that this doesn’t bug gender theorists (who also routinely misuse the words according to their own professed nomenclature criteria) suggests to me (once again) that GENDER THEORY IS BUNK.