Barack Obama has been a horrible president.

So: Blame Bush.

Not a joke.

Sure, the prez himself has coasted seven years blaming his predecessor. But we have the better rationale to play that hand. How so? The reason we got stuck with a cool dude sporting the BHO initials is that GWB was so bad. And not just on foreign policy grounds.

The pendulum swings.

Americans voted for Barack Hussein Obama in great part in reaction to the sheer awfulness of the Bush Administration. They chose a smooth-tongued, dark-skinned American “community activist” who had been pampered by the university system and the political power structure over a bumble-tongued, redneck-pretending fratboy who had been born into a political family with its vast influence and network of oil money. Americans had so come to despise this man that they chose his seeming opposite, even if the replacement sported a name that sounded like the alien monikers of the two main targets of the man to be replaced: Osama bin Laden and Iraq’s Saddam Hussein.

But Americans also voted for Obama to seal the healing needed in America over racial divisions and antagonisms. But under Obama and the Democrats, the racial divide has deepened, gotten uglier. The constant socialistic demands for more “free” stuff, along with renewed charges of systemic racism in police-citizen relations, has combined with the far left’s “Social Justice Warrior” crowing and bullying on college campuses and the Internet to dominate popular culture in an overtly (and absurd) “politically correct” (p.c.) manner.

And average Americans — not just (though perhaps primarily) white folks — have had enough.

The pendulum has swung back, ridden by a man who makes headlines gleefully flouting the p.c. code: Donald Trump.

And he is grabbing more than the Archie Bunkerish grump vote. He is getting support from all sorts of people who have had it with neo-Marxist overkill regarding race and gender, primarily students living charmed lives who think it “oppression” when they hear an unwanted opinion.

Normal Americans, writes Rob Dreher in The American Conservative, “know that the academic elites despise them and their culture, and are going to try to educate their children into hating themselves and their culture. . . . [A] vote for Trump is a vote against the class that’s doing this p.c. indoctrination.”

“Cheering on the likes of Trump,” Reason’s Robby Soave suggests, “might just be one way for them to cope with [the] perceived reality” . . . of leftist cultural hegemony.

If Trump wins, blame the Left.


Image is by the great Bosch Fawstin, excerpt: see the original

There will almost certainly be follow-up to this piece, as I try to understand the mindset of the average American. Not an easy task.