If I had to vote for either Trump or Clinton this year (and I don’t, so I won’t), I’d choose Trump.

imageWhy? For the same reason so many others are choosing Trump, and why so many chose Obama in 2008: to punish the opposition.

Voting for Hillary would reward not only a scheming, lying, carelessly corrupt crony-insider — and probably the worst Secretary of State in U.S. History, and not just because of her cavalier approach to security — but also the disaster that is the Obama administration.

Mrs. Clinton has been running for an “Obama third term” for quite a while, and almost nothing the administration has done has been done right.

Worse yet, instead of racial healing, Obama and the Democrats have brought further racial disharmony.

And the level of sanctimonious blather from Obama’s partisans — if ever a group of ideologues deserved a thrashing . . . !

So punishment is in order.

Think of it as democracy in action.

I am sure we will come to regret a Trump presidency. The likelihood that the huckster will transcend his bizarre and demagogic campaign seems low in the extreme.

But I won’t blame him for the horrors to follow. I won’t blame his supporters.

I’ll blame the Democrats, who set the bar so low, who set up the environment where an authoritarian outsider could take the helm.

But, as long as I am not imprisoned or shot, I will try to laugh. This could be quite a ride.