As I have been explaining here, and on Facebook, I believe the Republican Party is, in effect, undergoing a hostile takeover. Sheldon Richman notes (on Twitter) that the mechanism of this takeover, the open primary, is just the kind of “rigged system” that The Donald likes to bitch about, but which he actually benefits from.

Here, a neoconservative and a neopopulist debate the whole thing, not quite recognizing the true nature of the shift in the GOP:

O’Reilly and Krauthammer call it a “split in the party.” But that merely explains why the GOP is weak, not why Trump is winning. They do recognize that Trump is really appealing to independent voters and Democrats. Hence the realignment.

It is especially droll that Republican witlessness and cowardice, combined with Democratic loyalty to a much-hated party hack and corrupt insider, may give us a Socialist in office, next year.

American Exceptionalism, 1776-2016.