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I do not usually waste this space with predictions and snap judgments. That is what I use Facebook for. But perhaps now, as America slides into a chaotic election year where anything and everything seems up for grabs, I will yammer in my usual Facebook manner.

First, I do not trust Trump, and I wonder about anyone who does. But then, I do not trust Hillary or Kasich or much of anybody else. So, my Trumpophile friends, do not take this personally.

I would never vote for him, as I have repeatedly said, for the same reason I would never vote for Bernie Sanders: he is a protectionist.

The Tyranny of SocialismI do not vote for protectionists. It would be like letting a Flat Earther teach geography to your children.

Sanders is of course worse than a mere protectionist. He is a socialist, which Bastiat or Guyot (I forget which one!  — oh, it has to be Yves Guyot) noted is just protectionism taken to the extreme of absurdity. I have many friends enthusiastic about Sanders. I shake my head as one shakes one’s uppermost orb in awe of the ignorance of even one’s best friends.

He may actually wrest the Democratic nomination from Hillary. It will be a long shot, but stranger things have happened in conventions. The fact that Hillary is being investigated for high crimes and misdemeanors should mean something to Democrats. But they sold their souls to power long ago, so it has not yet sunk in that Hillary could actually lose to Trump on grounds that normal Americans care about: corruption, honesty, competence.
Socialist Fallacies
Into this strange brew will be thrown third party challengers. Whenever the race seems certain, minor party challengers rush in to collect the consequent windfall protest votes. The Libertarian Party, my favorite gang of political junkies, has been quixotically slamming heads to walls for decades to maintain ballot status in a system rigged on several levels against them. And the Libertarians have something none of the other minor parties possess: ballot status in all or nearly all of the 50 states. And some territories. And, I gather, the District of Columbia.

Usually, the Libertarian candidate gets a few votes. Last election, Gary Johnson got more than just a few, though hardly enough to really matter.

But this year, whoever gets the LP candidacy slot has a chance to make a showing never before possible. Not because it is not a close race this year, but because Trump and Clinton have such huge negatives, and, if Bernie nabs the Democracy’s wreath and runs to the main ring, his negatives would soar as well. He is a socialist. A self-professed socialist. A fucking socialist. In America. Should he win, as I indicated an hour or so ago, he would put an end to American Exceptionalism, reducing America to another wannabe tit-sucking European state. The Servile Society would flower in full, and I would be eying the brochures to Chile or Bali or India or even corrupt post-Communist China.

To be an American individualist living under a Socialist president? I really would have to think about it, even if that puts me in the mirror camp of the star of the execrable Girls, who says she would leave America were Trump to be elected.

Hey: if Trump becomes president, I wouldn’t be shouting hosannas. But I wouldn’t leave. A front-row seat to the circus could compensate for such a horrid turn of events.
The Outcome of Individualism
Meanwhile, two LINOs and three minor figure diehard Libertarians vie for the wreath of Liberty. John McAfee is an astoundingly persuasive speaker, and half his answers to questions are magnificent. Alas, the other half are wretchedly bad. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson is growing into the role of Imp Against the  State, calmly (most of the time) and casually making the case for a freer society and more stable government. He seems to have more appeal, and seems more ready than McAfee and the Real Libertarians to garner the possible huge reservoir of protest votes that now leaven the bubbling stew of the current polity.

If Gary Johnson runs, but cannot break 10 percent, just give up, Libertarians. Dismantle the party and try something different.