Hillary Clinton Takes Part In Ceremonial Swearing-In As Secretary Of State

On Fox last night, erstwhile ambassador John Bolton called FBI director James Comey a coward.

And that was my first thought, too.

But Comey concocted a script that served two purposes: it got him off the hook with his bosses, all party movers and shakers, while providing all the data we the outsiders need to make the obvious induction.

The investigation was rigged, we all knew it going in, and Comey spelled it out.

Of course, you have to be able to read, and hold more than one idea in your head at a time . . . that is, read a statement as ironic. But not ironic-funny, ironic-sinister.

Indeed, Comey’s official statement was such a thing of beauty that he should be commended.

And perhaps given some slack. Not a coward. Legitimately afraid.

When a hostage writes an official statement, one forgives him for the evasions and the strange perspectives. These are the tells. The classic evasion between “extremely careless” and the legally relevant term, “gross negligence,” is one; another is focus on an irrelevancy: the intent of Secretary of State Clinton to undermine security. (She intended to hide information, and, indeed, did; she intended to flout the rules, and did — but did she intend to commit or aid and abet treasonous breaches of security? Irrelevant to other prosecutions, but somehow relevant to hers.) All these and more (including admission that the investigation into that House of Corruption, the Clinton Foundation, remains ongoing) tell us what we need to know.

Comey is hostage to partisan Washington, as corrupt a place as any on the planet.I don’t know, exactly, what the establishment has against him. I do not know precisely what he is afraid of. But he is afraid of something, perhaps something so trivial as his future career and the esteem of his colleagues, most of whom are probably Democrats. (The Democracy is the Party of Government, after all.)

Clinton, Obama? These are people deeply in over their heads, desperately clinging to lie after lie to keep their party in power, and to keep the Leviathan of State on course, distributing goodies to the kept classes and insider cliques and cabals. It is amusing that the party of these insider governing classes calls itself “democratic.”

It isn’t.

Visual meme courtesy of ThisIsCommonSense.com.