A neighbor of mine was in on the ground floor of a recent attempt to start a new party, the Open Source Party. The program was to have been collaboratively developed online. I thought the idea had much merit. No major changes can be made without a more widespread knowledge of current and ongoing American deficiencies, and an open-source approach might offer a great training ground and platform to share alternatives to the present (and ongoing) crisis system.

But my favorite “new party” idea could be called The Receivership.

This party’s purpose would be to manage a mass secession of the states from the United States. From this mass secession, several new unions of states could be formed. But more importantly, The Receivership would orchestrate an extremely limited confederacy of those differently-run unions, a confederacy of confederacies. Why? To continue a few of the programs of the current national government (the military and Social Security, say) with a mind to their gradual privatization or devolvement, while liquidating the assets of the government as a whole and paying off some of the creditors (but not all) on the basis of bankruptcy principles.

imageThe current split between “red” and “blue” suggests one reason for forming new unions. The American people seem to be in the process of self-segregating ideologically, and it might make sense to draw territory to match the distribution of ideologies.

Besides, several unions would allow more, varied experiments in governance. One union of states could emulate the original confederacy idea of our country; another a federal republic; and yet another would be conceived along nationalist lines, as at present (de facto if not totally de jure). It would also be good to designate a modestly sized area of the current United States to allow non-state organization. Call it a state-free zone. Perhaps New Hampshire would be ideal for this.

img_0363The overarching union (the union of unions) would place the old nationalist government and its assets under receivership, selling off as much as possible, privatizing by gift other portions, etc. The closest continuer of our country could then be called something like The United States of America Under Receivership, Dissassembling.

The Receivership party would push for serious reconsideration of all unsustainable government programs, and thus, even if it were to fail in its ultimate goal, it nevertheless might be able to muster the political will to right what is wrong, currently. And since what is wrong is not now popularly understood, the educational effort of the party would be to inform Americans of the persistent, growing, integral and unacknowledged instability in some of our biggest institutions.

N.B. For the record, my neighbor who was interested in the Open Source Party is now an enthusiastic Gary Johnson supporter.

An earlier version of this appeared on Quora. A related post there, listing less radical reform suggestions for our broken federation, might be of some interest to some readers.