I’ll give you a clue as to how I react to rhetoricians. If I only listened to H. Clinton, I would probably vote for D. Trump. If I only listened to Trump, I’d vote Clinton. But I hear them both, see them both, and so vote for neither. 

This speech about “right to work” laws gives me the creeps. The intellectual content is about zero, and the attitude repels me.

There are many, many speeches from Trump of which the exact same may be said. Every time he blames free trade for the apparent de-industrialization of America, I wince. Hillary Clinton’s crony-capitalist progressivism would further grind down American wealth and vigor. Trump’s capitalist-cronyite progressivism (protectionism, along with anti-immigrationism, was a hallmark of American Progressive thought, of course) could start an international trade war, ushering in World War III. 

We have already had too many call-backs to the 1930s with Bush and Obama — we do not need more.

My reaction is not knee-jerk contrarianism — unless I am reacting negatively to the unduly partisan contrarianism that plagues our political culture. It is difficult not to figure that our chief problems are the result of the bipartisan duopoly.

I have many friends who support one or the other candidate, and they insist that the “other candidate” (the one they don’t support) is simply beyond the pale.

Insofar as this particular judgment goes, both are right.