American politics is so weird and inconsistent. Conservatives love stop-and-frisk; progressives hate it. Meanwhile, progressives love gun control and dream sweet dreams of gun prohibition; conservatives revile such policies as un-American totalitarianism.

imageHere is the funny part: stop-and-frisk is gun control. What do you think the police are looking for, chewing gum? The only way to make a real gun prohibition work in America would be to randomly stop and frisk any and all Americans, not just shifty looking dark-skinned people.

If leftists got their way, stop-and-frisk would be universal, and the Fourth Amendment null and void.

So, apparently conservatives are fine with a police state that focuses on brown people, while the only way to get leftists interested in Fourth Amendment rights is to have their abridgments fall mainly on minority groups.

And people wonder why I laugh at the pretensions of progressives and conservatives, wonder why I despise their leaders.