I blogged heavily against the Iraq Conquest in 2002 – 2004. Along with many, many leftists . . . who abandoned the cause with the election of Obama. That is one reason I do not take the left seriously at all. I am still against bombing innocents in the mid-East. They defend their man, a mass murderer.

elephant-and-ass-upsidedownBut that is Obama. What of his precursor?

I never trusted George W. Bush. On a personal level. He gave me the creeps. I loathed his idiotic “compassionate conservatism.” What a crock. He seemed an ignoramus, as well as gauche, a stumbler. And I could see his schemers’ wheels spinning regarding Iraq. I guessed precisely how he got the disinformation he wanted — Ron Susskind’s Price of Loyalty later confirmed my intuition.

DonaldTrumpDonald Trump gives off similar vibes, though worse, in a way. If possible, he seems even less aware than Bush of the intricacies of American governance. At least, as an ex-drunk and a believing Christian, Bush had some honesty within him. But Trump? I don’t buy his “act.” I don’t think his persona is earnest in the least, and I see him as worse than an egoist. He is an egotist. He preens, he plays to an audience, he is always concerned about how he looks and is judged as he peers into that dark mirror, the modern vidscreen. There is a deep and fragile narcissism there.

He is not magnanimous; he is a megalomaniac.

I think people mistake Trump’s bravado and rudeness as a “tell it like it is” signal, a sign of honesty. I do not see it that way. I see him as playing the American population, a people so often manipulated by the elites in power and prestige that they have given up even on manners.

IMG_1975I don’t hate their revolt, their alt-right-ridden Trumpmania. I sympathize. I just think they are setting themselves up for the biggest betrayal yet. Trump is not the real deal. And, though I think it idiotic in the extreme to call him Hitlerian, his use of out-group hate does strike me as demagogic in the Nazi vein. (If elected, though, it is not his extreme hates that will prove out — he will reveal his inner Mediocrity, instead.)

Hillary Clinton Takes Part In Ceremonial Swearing-In As Secretary Of State

But, amidst all of these horrors, Hillary Clinton is, personally as well as persona-wise, far, far worse. She is more repellent a figure than Bush, and, I think, even than the Donald. And she rubs her leftish supporters’ noses in their own servility: she is the biggest warmonger in the race by far, the most militant-sounding president since Nixon.

stumpyslugI think it will be interesting to see America self-destruct.

With the next administration, if either Trump or Clinton get elected, the last grace of moral high ground will have been ceded — to the cruel wind of fate, by the voters.

Choose the name of your Destroyer, Americans!