This is from NBC.

Read no. 3 again. Yes, you read that correctly.

Think on’t, as Shakespeare put it.


Why do we hate the major media? Could it be because of things like this third “checked” fact?

Trump said Clinton “acid washed” her private email server. She didn’t. She used an app called Bleachbit, not a corrosive chemical.

Memo to NBC: You miserable, illiterate, deceptive hacks! I’m no Trump fan; I will not vote for him. But I know a figure of speech when I see one. If you don’t, you do not deserve to be listened to even by a bartender, much less published by a major media outlet. If you do understand, you deserve ignominy to the end of your days: You are merely trying to corral the rubes into voting booths to vote your way, before being slaughtered.*

As Americans prepare for the worst presidency in our history, and the implosion of the GOP in the wake of Donald Trump’s great hijacking, perhaps we should prepare ourselves for the complete destruction of the Fourth Estate. No group in America, other than Congress, more deserves an immediate cessation of life. And a salting of the Earth upon which it inhabits.



* And yes, that italicized sentence is rhetorical, too. Not literally true, but you get the idea, you pathetic ninnies.