Former Massachusetts Governor William Weld was a controversial pick for Gary Johnson’s Libertarian running mate. One of the weirder ways in which he has infected the Libertarian campaign this year has been his pro-Hillary Clinton apologetics. And this is not insignificant. Consider today’s story. He has admitted the obvious — that without spots on the national presidential debate stage, the chances of profitably affecting the outcome of the election has crashed to near zero — but has gone further, given up before Election Day. Which is not really part of the contract he tacitly made with Libertarians.

So, call him a turncoat. That is OK. It is the truth.

Besides, as indicated above, his close personal relationship with center-left neocon Hillary Clinton was always odd at best. If a Libertarian candidate cannot attack a thorough statist like Clinton, what good is he?

The Johnson-Weld duo started out the election campaign soft on Hillary. A few weeks ago Weld came lashing out at Trump, without mentioning Hillary’s name, implying endorsement. Today, Gary Johnson stated that a Hillary presidency would almost certainly wind up in impeachment. Weld broke with his running mate and defended her without reservation.

“It’s about time somebody did.”

Well, Clinton Machine opponent Judge Andrew Napolitano already had, on Fox Business’s Kennedy. Comey’s incoherence is almost certainly a weird, too-late CYA move. But, as Napolitano ably argued, it is very bad practice.

Weld could simply have referred to Napolitano and then gone on to criticize Clinton policy. But he did not.

Is he looking for some minor post in the Clinton Administration? Drug Czar?

Or is this his integrity, no matter how misplaced?

He is on the wrong side of history, here. Mrs. Clinton will go down in the annals of the fight against tyranny as one of the most corrupt individuals ever to seek the American presidency. Certainly, if she wins, she will be the worst to achieve it.

Weld is blinded by his own lapses into statism. Well, his own statist commitments. He has always been a libertarian-leaning centrist, which is to say quite at home in the halls of modern statecraft. Not a good libertarian indicator.

For the first time, I feel sorry for Gary Johnson. I bet he is regretting his choice, now. But he would not really be able to admit it.

And so the Clinton Machine lumbers on, defended by a motley crew of power-lusting pols and wannabes.

Ah, these benighted states! Your decline just gets more interesting as the days wear on.