Tomorrow will be glorious: I vote for neither Trump nor Clinton, and even if my fondest wish be dashed — an Electoral College stalemate sending the election to the House — I’ll have a clean conscience bolstered by the knowledge that my vote decided nothing.

The truth sets you free. Your vote doesn’t matter to you except in how you, yourself, frame it. Other people’s interpretations of your vote’s meaning are more arbitrary than your own.

Think for yourself, and don’t be ruled by spooks in the head.

I do not know what Penn Jillette was thinking when he swapped his vote for Gary Johnson with Democrats in Hillary-“safe” states like California, to vote for Hillary, even though he agrees with her on, as he put it, nothing. Sure, Nevada is going to be close.But will it be decided by one? Not likely. If there is a one-vote difference, the loser will demand a recount, somebody will find some “uncounted” ballots this side of Faërie and bring them to the desert sands we know, and . . . well, you get the picture. It seems silly to me to pretend that you are going to decide the vote.

I was so close, years ago, in my county! There was a tie in the commissioner race. My vote could be said to have “brought up” my candidate to viability. Stalemate. They flipped a coin. My guy lost. My vote mattered not at all.

Call it unproductive, marginal futility, what-have-you, but your vote does not “count” in an individually meaningful way.

So don’t vote if you don’t want to. Vote for Mickey Mouse if that is your thing.

As for me, I have little faith in democracies or republics, but for your sakes, and mine, I cast a vote that I say stands for the rule of law. Not the rule of charismatics, crony capitalists, cronies-of-capitalists, and charlatans.