Trump won, think of that. The last I saw, he nabbed 274 electoral college votes, which should surely be enough to withstand a few defectors, rogue electors. . . .

The Republicans maintained control of the Senate and the House. GOP insiders are rubbing their hands in unexpected glee: united government!

Do you fear united government? Well, you should. It was terrible in the Bush years. It was what led to the repudiation of Republicans in 2006 and 2008, and to the eight years of the Barack Obama disaster. The Republicans were punished. American voters punished them.

Yesterday, it was The Democracy’s turn, turnabout being rough, but a sort of poetic justice. Call it doggerel-eat-doggerel justice. And no better candidate for repudiation could be imagined than Mrs. Hillary Clinton. I gloat and glory in her defeat. Her agony. Driving home from town, after the night’s big turn went from the West Coast States’ blue board results, and the red began racking up, my fellow traveler chortled along with me: To be defeated by the most hated man in America! What a blow. What a slap, what a thwacking. None dare call it comeuppance?

And yet, and yet . . .

America works better with divided government. A certain amount of checks and balances in the opposing parties vying for supremacy in House, Senate, and the White House.

But take heart! If I have been right, we will have divided government, despite Democratic dashed hopes.

Republicans have retained congressional majorities, sure. But another Democrat will enter the White House.

The devil, you say.

Well, yes. You see, Trump is, at the very least, not a conservative. His speech last night was all about spending increases, when not making vague promises of getting America “back to work.” If he gets his way, deficits will increase, as they did under Bush; and debt will increase, as it did under all presidents in my lifetime. Bigly.

My past prediction was that Trump will rule as an old-time moderate Democrat, a sort of vulgar Jimmy Carter with a propensity for super-Gephardtian trade barriers.

When will Democrats realize they won? When will Republicans realize they lost?

Mundus vult decipi. The world wills deception; the world wants to be deceived.