Libertarians and other oddball politicos often try to compare the right to the left. One favorite topic: Which is more violent? Left is worse? (LiW?) Right is worse? (RiW?) Or is it a draw? (Probably most likely.) Let’s see.

The pretense in America is that the far right is far more violent. After all, retaliatory overkill is a hallmark principle on the right, as I see it. And surely the most horrendously effective bit of homegrown terrorism was by a right-winger who had read The Turner Diaries. 

But other than that, the evidence on the ground seems to tell a different tale. Consider:

Both sides have their stewing, seething pots of hatred on the back burner, always ready to move from simmer to roiling boil, but whose candidates get open death threats on Twitter? The right’s, and from the left.

A friend tells me about Stormfront, and the awful “kill them all” and “make seas of glass” comments on Free Republic. He also mentions Breitbart, which boasts of millions of hits. Or is that billions? And, well, I admit: I almost never go there. I tend to avoid areas where people cease to reason. Though I did not realize Breitbart was a place of violence. Really, it is? 

Black Lives Matter and now the anti-Trump protests often break chant to riot, like the violent Occupy movement that the press whitewashed a few years back. But the earlier Tea Party — that awful upsurge of horrible rightwingedness! — was not only almost wholly peaceful in its protests, most of the demonstrators picked up their own trash. Cannot say that about Occupy, that is for sure.

Maybe leftists think they own Twitter and the streets, while those on the far right know they only own Stormfront and Free Republic. And each side limits itself to venting on its own domain.

Still, here is the kicker:

Last summer, polite society went ape because Trumpsters were being nasty to leftists who’d invaded their rented spaces and got up in their faces. Ooh, Trump talked nasty and mean. What a vile man! How violent! Meanwhile, how many right-wingers invaded Clinton and Sanders rallies and got all up in their faces?

It’s the question that answers itself.

Maybe what the main difference between the two is this: On the right there is a slightly better, more instinctual sense of property rights, and thus a limit to rightists’ evil grasp. Like Dracula: you must be invited in. The left knows fewer bounds, perhaps because the left is against private property. After all, leftists seek to create and maintain a Vampire State, and there is no holy water or ritual ground that they acknowledge, nothing to restrain them: there is nothing they will not do in service to their eldritch god.