Perhaps true cosmic justice would be this: each person forced to live with the consequences of his or her* ideology.

The only way to do this would be to form separate countries/states with different political and economic systems.covervoyage2arcturus

It is worth noting that my ideology would be fine with concurrent, interpenetrating populations with neighbors belonging to different “governments.” You could live in a tightly constructed socialist state, or whatever else you want; I could live with the services brought to me by Moe’s Police, Larry’s Judiciary, and Curly’s Military. But the point of most other ideologies? Force the given ideology upon everyone, the unwilling to be brought to “justice.”

Which has always puzzled me a bit.

This is why I’m not normal.

One reason among many.



* Or “aer,” a gender-neutral pronoun courtesy of David Lindsay’s strange adventure, A Voyage to Arcturus, a book I loved as a teenager. But have not read since. (I’ve been thinking of “coming out” as [displaying as] an Arcturian, since Tormancian would not do. That would make the too-common designator “LGBQTA,” or something.)