Americans have become unhinged. The Left, anyway. In their self-indulgent hatred of President Trump, they keep on floating bizarre satirical jabs at the man. Consider the Trump Chicken:


It was placed upon the lawn near the White House:


It took Twitter by storm, of course, and it is there that we learn that the man responsible had his reasons:


“Too chicken?”

Ask Marty McFly how dangerous that can be.

Maybe because I’m so old, I remember the widespread mockery of George Herbert Walker Bush. Some folks did not like his style. The in-crowd mavens of corporatist rectitude called it “the Wimp Factor.” Well, that didn’t go well. Not long after, Bush I started flexing his muscles in distant lands.

Well, he sure showed them!

Do you folks aim to goad Trump into a nuclear war with North Korea? You say you think he’s emotionally unstable. And yes, he may very well be emotionally unstable; that is quite plausible.

But if you believe that is the case, yet go around perpetrating this kind of nonsense, that makes you worse than a fool.

It makes you, as the Bard said,* a Fucking Fool.



* I know, I know: it was not Shakespeare who used the epithet, but Kingsley Amis.