How (and How Not) To Think About The Stats, the Policies, and Moral Panic, Especially as It Relates to the Strange Case of Chris Cantwell

Postmoderns have trouble understanding the facts and apparent paradoxes of the social patterns regarding intelligence, sociality, race, etc., and then applying some evaluative, normative rubric. Which makes them freak out when they encounter someone who handles these things differently . . . in error or not.

I discuss such issues fairly often, but I do not study them as carefully as others. Here are two very different people who do think about such issues in more detail than I. One of them calls himself a libertarian; the other does not. My way of looking at the world is far more similar to the one who does not call herself a libertarian.

Karen Straughan Asks Questions, Speaks Sense

Karen Straughan dared interview the notorious Chris Cantwell. An amazing conversation, one that should help you understand Cantwell:

If this disturbs you, you should consider what Ms. Straughan thinks about it all: