I don’t follow the workings of the political parties closely, much for the same reason that no predator stalks skunks.IMG_4493

So, perhaps you can tell me: now that the Democratic Party has moved far to the left while losing power in the states and both houses of Congress, have Democratic leaders made any motions at all to the center? Are they developing a strategy for recovery of their lost fortunes?

img_1569The Democracy has not been this weak since 1920, and Democrats today are very similar to the Democrats immediately following the Great War — their preceding two-term presidents had ruined everything for them.

So, do they have a plan? Are they going to double down on leftist politics, to let flower fully their much-cherished entelechy of the omnipotent state? Or are they going to seek a middle ground?

Or will they merely bet everything on a Trump fiasco and the abysmal failure of the Republicans?

Not a long shot, that.