Donald Trump has a way of changing the conversation.

Right before mid-terms, he took control of the narrative by dropping his “executive order to end birthright citizenship,” and suddenly it became difficult to remember what we were even talking about before that.

Then, on the morning after the Republicans lost the House, he fired Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Well, “asked him to resign.”

Either way, what’s going on in the head of Trump appears to be more interesting than what voters are doing.

Really? Is that where we are at?

It sure appears so. And Trump’s most determined enemies appear more than willing to play along. It’s almost as if . . . Trump is playing them.

Of course, in Washington, everybody plays everyone. Still, our president seems to have taken this to a whole new level.

Why fire Sessions? Er, ask him to leave?

It seems like eons ago, but it was merely last year that President Trump tweeted, “Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes (where are E-mails & DNC server) & Intel leakers!” And the Twitterer-in-Chief has publicly castigated his own AG — whom he had proudly plucked from the Senate! — numerous times.

Weird. But Trumpian.

Why the ouster now? For new reasons, or old?

Note that three more states legalized marijuana. Note that Sessions was an old-fashioned anti-weed warrior. Note that Trump really needs to be liked.

Or it could be that with the House under new management and Democrats itching to investigate and impeach, he needs to play his Prosecute Hillary Card. And Jeff Sessions just wouldn’t go along. This is a huge signal to the Democrats to play nice or go to Bugs Bunny’s version of total war.

In either case, Sessions’s departure cannot be a bad thing, can it? He was one of many pro-Trump Republicans whose support for the President was destructive of anything good in his own party. By leaving, there is an outside chance that a better replacement will be found. At least someone willing to let go of the War on Drugs and not let go on prosecuting the most corrupt politician of our time, Hillary Clinton.