The Onion: “World’s 22,000 Polar Bears Forced to Share Last Remaining Iceberg

This is a joke, and a funny one. And especially bizarre since the image, when I placed it above, captioned itself as “Floating iceberg, Antarctica.” Polar bears live in the Arctic. Another level to the joke, I guess. I’m chuckling.

That being said . . . according to the charts I’ve seen there has been no appreciable decrease in the extent of the summer Arctic ice sheet, much less the winter’s.

The Arctic sea ice extent in recent times.

What is going on? Well, the much-publicized Arctic warming has mostly occurred in the winter. Remember the freezing point of water? Well, if it is less cold than before, but that warming is still below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, this amounts to bupkis in melting. 

What we get from scientists and the media is largely a series of badly contextualized data that serves to paint us a wildly incorrect picture of climate change. 

Which is real. It is just very different from what we are being fed

Still, hilarious doctored photo. Kudos to The Onion

Unless, of course, this came from the CIA as part of a clever plan to make us just a little more crazy in precisely the way the Deep State wants. 

I know this sounds nuts, but this is as I see it: James Hansen, formerly of NASA, has pushed global warming relentlessly for 30 years, with predictions that never come true — he and his acolyte Al Gore have repeatedly prophesied a summer Arctic absence of an ice sheet “in ten years,” kicking the catastrophe down the road another decade after their failure stares them in the face, hoping for a confirmation . . . some day.

Until a decade ago, I gave this pair a lot of leniency, simply because I could not believe any respectable public figure could be so far off the mark, which would suggest either witlessness or lying. Since I do not believe folks like Hansen and Gore are witless (Gore’s execrable Earth in the Balance notwithstanding), I have some trouble seeing anything other than a psy-op here.