. . . and that is just a small truth compared to the whole truth.

Much has been made of the Davis/Wilson leak. By Richard Dolan, for instance:

Keith Basterfield has a succinct discussion of the matter, titled “On the provenance of the purported Davis/Wilson document,” which is worth reading. Dolan puts this in perspective, despite admitting that “we are still in a hall of mirrors”:

The documents themselves are worth checking out. Here are the ones I grabbed from Imgur:

I do not know much, of course. This is not an area of my expertise. I just find it weird that smart people with a sense of history seem uninterested in the story. Could it be fear? Intellectual cowardice? Lack of curiosity? Pathetic programmed response? Centrist cultism?

A reasonable and studied skepticism?

It will be interesting to see where this all goes. My suspicion is that the big picture will turn out to be big and important. If this is a psy-op — if the leak is itself an attempt to deceive the public — it is even a bigger story than extra- or xeno-terrestrials, suggesting the lengths intelligence agencies will go to manipulate people . . . for reasons unknown.