In the latest episode of Unidentified: Inside America’s UFO Investigation, not only does the show address the nuclear assets issue and the Rendlesham Forest Incidents in particular, it also considers the infamous Doty counter intel operation and the fact that the show’s focal figure, Luis Elizondo, was, earlier in his career, also a counter intel operative, and thus deals with the painfully obvious conjecture that Elizondo likely remains a government stooge telling lies for a living, making the whole current disclosure measure one big psy-op. This fifth episode in the History Channel series, entitled “The Atomic Connection,” and featuring George Knapp, gamely dances its two-step, Denial and Counter-Assertion.

The show breezes past mounds of data and reporting, but also repeats snippets of dialogue for effect.

I am afraid I really do not think it is a good TV documentary series. It is at once too slick and too inept.

The subject matter and the show’s relationship to the ongoing UFO disclosure, however, make it important nevertheless.


Addendum July 2, 2019

In an interview on The Richard Dolan Show, Michael Schratt emphasizes the importance of the nuclear weaponry element, citing events witnessed by multiple person, all the while also insisting that most current UFO sightings are U.S. military, associated with the Air Force. I realize most people tend to find this comforting. I do not.

Schratt discusses this unusual series of events that took place when I was in gestation.