I don’t disbelieve James Patterson, when he says that he found no evidence that either President Donald Trump or former President Bill Clinton engaged in unlawful hijinks on Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express and Orgy Island. But I do not consider his investigations the last word on the subject. Bill and Hillary, it seems likely, were, if not blackmailed by Epstein, at least somehow entangled.

But perhaps I mistake the Clintons’ buy-in to power — with its vast scope of conspiracies — as not intersecting with Epstein’s career so much ss, instead, merely existing in parallel.

Two sharks passing above the deep, just below the surface. Where the scum lies.

James Patterson, author of Filthy Rich.

So, to repeat, I don’t disbelieve James Patterson. But in interviews he seemed . . . naive.

But then, of the upper crust, I am perhaps too cynical. Those attached to government, anyway, tend to be murderers. But their hands are clean. They wear gloves.