Rep. Katie Hill’s tattoo — placed in her bikini-bottom region — sure looks like an Iron Cross to me. And, I suppose, for this alone she should probably resign.

Detail of a photo published by the Daily Mail, of Rep. Hill. Note, also, the bong.

Now, I have always thought of it as a more broadly nationalistic symbol, rather than merely Nazi, because it was used by the Prussian state and the German Empire, earlier. But by the logic of earnest leftist iconoclasm, only the Nazi symbology counts! And, I confess, it would take quite a lot of evidence and careful argumentation to accept a broader Germanic interpretation as the motivating factor for a contemporary American to adapt it as personal decoration. So, she should be reviled by the PCers. Just to be consistent.

The Iron Cross strikes me as more univocally Nazi than the Confederate flag be racist, but there is room for disagreement here.

Of course you should be able to fly any flag or wear any tattoo you want. But people are also allowed to avoid you and fire you for what you fly and wear, so there’s that.

And the sexual misconduct and general level of creepiness justify, I guess, her resignation from Congress.