Regarding reactions to the impeachment biz, we see two realities clash. I read my Democrat and beltway libertarian friends’ posts about how it is all a knock-down case and that if anything’s impeachable it’s the horrifying (!) conduct of Donald Trump … in those phone calls, apparently.


You see, I have trouble wrapping my head around it. I look at the testimony so far and see a big nothing. I don’t see a crime. Not even in the Bidens’ obvious corruption, sans more evidence. What I see, mainly, is a minor mess of he-said/they-said interpretations.

But up front and foremost is what we have witnessed since Trump first announced his candidacy: the revulsion of the people who love big government against a man who has the wrong style.

Now, Trump’s style ain’t mine, not my cup of tea — I enjoy his tweets and his antics and how he annoys all the right people, sure, but I would never man the barricades for him, and his policies are all over the map. He seems like a character, and an odd one at that. But why the hate?

My conjecture: This is all about sexual selection standards, not policy — since his political ideas are familiar, and were the norm just a generation ago, even eight years ago. My attitude is almost certainly the result of my grudging tolerance of ideas once customary, but never mine, and my utter incredulity at ‘new’ ideas that Trump haters take as gospel.

But policy issue preference seems to have little to do with rational appraisal. It is tribal affiliation that counts, and since we are talking about our support or opposition to leaders, it is about standards of honor, which are bound up with sex. That is what matters — as it must in human animals. It is not our brains but our pudenda that carry most weight.

I am something of an alien in this regard, because while I find the honor standards of the Reagan-Bush-Trump crowd silly and off-putting, I judge the standards and the style of all the smoothies (you know, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Pete Buttigieg, your average tv news reader) as luciferian. Each side is committed to their respective styles and the policies that have come to be associated with those styles, and judge accordingly. I am such an outlier, here, because to me what is paramount in politics is policy. And here I have little sympathy for the Trumpians, and none for the anti-Trumpians.

While Democrats and Republicans concern themselves with the inanities of the Ukraine negotiations regarding corruption inquiries and foreign aid, I see

  • America’s idiotic longest war in Afghanistan going nowhere slow;
  • incoherent meddling regarding Syria, Turkey and Iran;
  • a horrible war in Yemen that most Americans know nothing about and care even less;
  • brinksmanship with Russia for no good reason;
  • over-extension everywhere, and at the expense of undermining the American and world financial system;

and so much more. Why Americans allow themselves to be distracted with nonsense like the Ukraine brouhaha when actual warcrimes and atrocities and possibly catastrophic stressors loom on the horizon like the return of the Eldritch gods . . . I shake my head.

That Americans of both parties cannot even work up even passing attention to important matters strikes me lunatic, mad, even evil.

Which brings us to the cream of the jest: Democrats now embracing the permanent government of the military industrial complex.

Of the CIA and NSA.

Of unelected bureaucrats as heroes, even.

It has been bitterly hilarious watching my ‘anti-war’ leftist friends of the early aughts become the look-the-other-way Obama worshipers of the teens, and now scorners of Tulsi Gabbard as ‘Russian agent.’ There is no seriousness here, just pose. They now would rather be seen as fantasists supporting ‘socialism.’

Republicans have never much impressed me. This is obvious from my past comments, if now quite old. George W. Bush I loathed to spluttering point; his father I hated when I could bear to think about him; Reagan I regarded as the coward who set up the current trap; and Nixon, O Nixon!

But Democrats? Never before have so many self-identified smart people embraced folly and evil for reasons so stupid and vile.

But we are all creatures of the memes we embrace. And maybe I should see it as refreshing that the Democratic Party has adopted the quiddity we once saw as conservative: the Democrats now make up The Stupid Party.


N.B. I look at what I wrote, above, and now note a slight disingenuous feint on my part. I have known why Democrats must hate Trump. I have written about it before. It is meme magic. Symbolism. But I float the Sex Style theory, here, to explain the meme magic and the powerful mythic symbolism.