The Democratic Party presidential race is in such disarray — with the Trump Impeachment about to implode — that I am not surprised to hear talk of late entrants bursting onto the scene and into the running. The funny thing is, the ones I am hearing about would be worse for the Democrats than most of the current batch: Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama.

I assume that most Democrats would have the sense to reject either ‘candidate.’ Or perhaps I give them too much credit.

After all, the only decent candidates in the D-field are Yang and Gabbard, and they linger at the back of the pack. This despite the almost certainty that the latter could win against Trump even without an economic downturn, while the rest are basically non-starters and would be eaten alive by Trump in any public debate.

Tulsi’s a long shot, sure. But she’s at least a shot.

But the lack of interest in Tulsi Gabbard indicates to me that the Left Wants What the Left Always Wants: free stuff. No interest in stopping wars. Not really.

And the Center-Left wants that sense of security that only (for them) can be found in the gentle embrace of Leviathan. But, for all their hopeless statism. centrists and normal people are spooked by the socialists and woke scold harridans.

So it looks like the Democracy could very well split into two separate parties: the Woke Left/Commies versus the Center-Left/‘neoliberals.’ 

If chicanery happens and Bernie the Commie is robbed of the nomination, I gather a massive exodus to the Green Party happens next. Am I wrong?

Meanwhile, Democrat diehards are praying to Baphomet that the inevitable downturn comes before Election Day in November. So that even their repellent losers can have a chance.


Baphomet in our time.