The New Hampshire primary results are fun to look at.

  • Bernie: 76,324 (9 delegates)
  • Pete: 72,457 (9)
  • Amy: 58,796 (6)
  • Donald: 129,696 (22)
  • Bill: 13,787 (0)

Trump blew away Weld: no contest, you might say. But that was arguably a fake race, since Weld’s campaign is one step from Vermin Supreme’s. So what is significant is that Trump, to all extent and purpose running unopposed, blew Bernie out of the water.

Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren — the dottering goofball and the shrill harridan — gained no delegates and proved their campaigns basically over.

Now, really what is at stake amongst the many Dems? The radicals vs. the moderates. Though the radicals have passion, theirs is a doomed cause, unless a financial collapse happens. A long shot? (I hope.) I expect to see a McGovern 72 repeat, if Bernie nabs the nomination. Perhaps worse.

Centrist Dems yearn to knock Bernie off the perch, and they now have only three options: Pete, Amy, and . . . Michael Bloomberg, who was not even trying in this primary, but can parlay mucho moolah.

Bloomberg is a nonstarter, though, no? He is a repellent figure, a bossy billionaire with weird racial and civil liberties baggage — in the age of marijuana legalization, he has made news by opposing it; his apology for his beloved stop-and-first gun control program, pathetic because hollow. And he has attacked consumers’ ability to get their Big Gulps. I suppose the food puritans on the left might get on board. But a short, whiny, supercilious Jew can hardly play well outside of a few coastal enclaves of whiny Bluery.

Pete Buttigieg is the best bet for immediate success, but, once again, how wide would his support be? White Americans wanted a Black Messiah, so Barack Obama filled an important ‘social justice’ need. I doubt that many Americans have an equivalent yearning for a gay man in the White House. Besides, the deep background of his support seems awfully CIA/Deep State, and his father was a commie. An Ugh Factor is strong here. Besides, his mayoral background is not impressive, and he has had the temerity to have once been nice to Tea Party folk — so the socialist radicals in the Democracy cannot have that. A Mayor Pete at the head of the ticket would send Bernie Bros into the Green Party.

Amy Klobuchar is a strange case. There is a personal unpleasantness about her, and she has less sex appeal TO HETERO MEN than does Mayor Pete [heh]. She often seems uncomfortable in public. Her ideas meander in a delta of indecision, but she can pull off seeming moderate, which might work for many folks who want an alternative to Trump, but the idea of her holding her own against Trump in a debate seems preposterous. Her biggest pull is the Innocuous Play. And the sexist/anti-sexist Woke Woman Vote. I am not sure she can do it.

Presumably Biden voters will go to . . . Amy and Pete. Warren voters will go to . . . Bernie and Amy. But if Pete and Amy stick to battling each other, it’s Bernie’s to lose.

This is no time to be a Democratic follower. Frustrating, it must be!

Well, welcome to my world, folks: there has never really been a satisfactory presidential candidate for me. Not since Grover Cleveland, and he just barely squeaks in to my approved realm.

Suffer, suffer — in your suffrage.