Richard Grenell, the new Acting Director of National Security, late of the Ambassadorship to Germany, is being attacked by Democrats for incompetence, lack of credentials, etc., but not heralded for being ‘openly gay,’ for what it is worth. I know, I know: had a Democrat appointed a similarly credentialed leftist, the hosannahs of wokitude would skirl and keen heavenward incessantly. Oh, well.

He used to be on Fox News, during the brief period I watched the channel. He seemed like a moderately reasonable conservative of the War Party, and not as egregious as the horrid John Bolton. Seemed staid and acceptable; has proved Plausibly Promotable.

I see no evidence for the charges of incompetence or lack of preparation I read on Twitter. I am not saying he is competent — I would not know — but he looks like yet another ambitious Beltway Operative to me. 

The deference Greg Gutfeld showed him was over the top, but I never got Gutfeld’s war policy mania. Which is no surprise, since I consider the very pool itself a swamp, not swampish because of the partisan inhabitants thereof.

But if Grenell orchestrates a UFO disclosure and forces the CIA to come clean on the JFK assassination, hosannahs shall come forth from my very lips.