A grown man defending, today, Castro’s Cuba while continuing a long history of communist apologetics is hardly different than saying, in public, that “Hitler did some things right.”

Now, honestly, nearly everyone in America save my fellow individualist compeers would have to confess that Nazi Germany did a lot of things right. The war and racial policies aside, most of the Third Reich’s domestic policies would fall closely into line with today’s trendy socialists’ favored policies of heavy regulation, bureaucratic management of corporate enterprise, and radically egalitarian wealth transfer programs. The commonality between “national socialism” and “democratic socialism” should be pretty obvious — if you have at all studied the economic policies of Hitler’s Germany. 

But that is not quite the point. Most Americans have the sense to treat Nazis as tyrants and therefore as political poison. A person — a politician! — not having the sense to regard Castro and Ortega and the USSR as tyrannical doesn’t show the good sense of your modal voter. It should be impolitic to defend even the “good” programs of totalitarian communists . . . unless you honestly itch to be a totalitarian yourself.

So, Bernie Sanders’s continued hard-socialist apologetics and general commie defensiveness is more than a mere tell. He is raising the gonfalon of his hatred and wickedness. He is basically signaling to us that we will have no standing to complain when the goon squads are set free.

…a demonstrated preference?

Alternatives to the contagion-spreading handshake:

1. mutual bowing
2. Roman forearm shake
3. “American Indian” salute (in the movies, “how”)
4. elbow bump
5. hip bump
6. prayer-hands “Namaste”
7. tap-dance routines

It has been 16 years since an Apollo astronaut who walked upon the Moon publicly insisted that the government (which he had worked for) had recovered crashed UFOs and were studying the non-human and presumably extra-terrestrial bodies found at the crash sites.

It has been the same amount of time since journalists brushed right over that story as non-news. Nothing to see here.

Most people have no knowledge of how eminent are many of the people who have confessed to UFO knowledge.

Journalists were either too chicken (cowardly in the face of shaming campaigns) or too CIA-controlled (look at the Who’s Who of intelligence-agency interns in major media) to follow up on a HUGE story.

So draw the conclusion: we cannot trust most journalists to frame the stories we read or listen to daily, especially those about foreign policy, government accountability, or anything of a partisan or even merely controversial nature.

And note: itnis apparent that UFOs are of vital “foreign policy” interest — there is nothing more foreign than “aliens.” If aliens they be.

The best thing our current president has said was to characterize the major media outlets as “enemies of the people.” They are, basically, enemies of the truth, of inquiry, of freedom of speech and press as general rights rather than as special privileges of members of their messed-up guild.

And the legacy of the Apollo astronaut whistleblowers (yes, multiple individuals) on the post-war official line on UFOs is now finally leaking out into the public. 

What the upshot of the whole thing is, I don’t know. But I do think we should not be cowards or government stooges, like journalists, generally, are.