Biden’s now well in the lead, and we shall have the most grimly amusing presidential campaign ever, this summer, a Death Race 2020.

Decline and death aside, hilarious. Biden is putting the funny back into dementia, which we have been treating so seriously in recent years: “We hold these truths to be self-l’evident, that all men and women are created . . . by . . . go . . . you know the . . . you know the Thing!”

I assume that this, my favorite of Biden’s gaffes, was the result of Biden realizing, mid-sentence, that he was talking to Democrats who are, increasingly, anti-Christian and cannot bear to hear “the Creator” in a sentence. Or, he had forgotten “endowed” in the Americanist liturgy and used “created” which disallowed him from saying “the Creator” so he had to make do with “God” but, oops, that is too Christian and that’s bad with the intersectionalist pagans so, well, “go,” and then the silliest line of our time: “YOU KNOW THE THING!”

That should be his campaign slogan, with The Thing revealed as the personification of the Total State that Democrats have been sacrificing babies to as if Ba’al and Moloch were still . . . a thing.

Nearly 62 million abortions since Roe v. Wade.