I am old enough to remember when censorship was a conservative thing.

By the Law of Nemesis, censorship by conservatives doomed conservatism in America; conservatives conjured up their enemies and ensured their enemies’ success. By censoring, conservatives provided the major impetus to the astounding successes of the left-progressives.

But the Law never ceases to make fools of Homo politicus: as left-progressives won battle after battle and came to dominate the institutional make-up of modern society, the progressives could not help but become reactionary, protective of their successes and fearful of intellectual attacks upon them. And so the left became alarmed. They girded their loins and moved to censor their opponents, for fear of losing political power and institutional dominance.

And their leftiness became rightiness as they adopted the essentially conservative stance of the Censor. Their attitudes and arguments today are almost identical to those of the conservatives of my youth.

Yes, every day I laugh at left-progressivism.

And nearly every day I openly tell progressives how reactionary they have become, and how they are losing their grand battle. You might think that my explicit explanations of their error might lead them to reform, nudge them to shore up their power by laying off the censorship and cultural heavy-handedness. But they cannot help themselves. Power corrupts, and their success has made them stupid. They will continue to oppress until they begin to lose. Hubris is in full play.

The only real danger is that they throw off all constraints and set up the totalitarian state at the heart of their statist imagination.

And prevent the lurch back, rightward, thereby. If you kill enough people, you can win.

If they do this, I, too, probably will die in their gulags.

But the normal course is for them to lose. The pendulum swings, and their nemeses shall conquer.

Even a totalitarian state, which they itch for, will not ensure permanence to their program, though. In the end, they will fall. Unfortunately, if they take on full authoritarianism, their fall will only come after another genocide, probably of white people. (Their memes insist.)

But let us not pretend that the Law of Nemesis is all tragedy and horror. The comedy of American politics shows each swing right-left/left-right to be a droll dance of inanity one-upped by insanity. The hubris of Democrats in pushing Bill Clinton led to Republicans selecting that buffoon George Walker Bush; the over-reach and managerial incompetence of the Republicans led to the cultural reaction to the stylistic “cool” of a half-African “black” man, who pushed into law an unpopular reform, and then ginned up a race war; Democrats’ choice for champion of the most unpleasant and corrupt and incompetent warmonger of all time, Hillary Clinton, dared Republicans to select as their agent of chaos Donald M. Trump — all quite ludicrous.

But now, to counter the “unqualified” and “sexist” Trump, Democrats have embraced . . . Joe “The Sniffer” (and alleged “Fingerer”) Biden — a man clearly more corrupt and inappropriate than the Democrats’ nemesis, Trump.

It is as if left and right are driving each other crazier and crazier each election.

So to ensure defeat of Trump, Democrats now embrace censorship. It is a performative admission of their pathetic vacuity. But, what can they do? Wise up before November? Hardly.

Alas, conservatives in conquering mode are hardly better. There is a reason I despise conservatism. 

The will to censor is at the heart of all statisms, and these “leftist” and “rightist” urges are unbalanced.

And libertarians, who offer a balancing principle, probably will be of no help in governing these two goofy warring tribes, for libertarians think that they, themselves, are either radical or right-wing or (most pathetically) the “true left.” Unable to see themselves as moderates, they cannot moderate.

And we are doomed to witness the Law of Nemesis make fools of us all.