People are stupid.

OK, that is harsh.

Progressives are stupid.


So, what spurred my hasty judgment? This:

A petition to officially change the name of Ohio’s capital city of Columbus to “Flavortown” is nearing 20,000 as protests over police brutality and racism have begun to target statues of Christopher Columbus.

Peter Heck, “Almost 20,000 sign petition to change the name of Columbus, Ohio, to ‘Flavortown’,” DISRN, June 22, 2020.

You live in a town. It wasn’t named by you. You get along and do not allow yourself to get caught up in paranoid responses, like that of having gotten the ideological cooties from mere trivial symbolism. Or, contrariwise, you can be a hypersensitive, politically correct ninny, as the mayor of Cleveland most assuredly is:

Mayor Andrew Ginther ordered the removal of the iconic Columbus statue from City Hall last Thursday and commissioned the Columbus Art Commission to come up with a replacement that better embodies the spirit of the city.

“For many people in our community, the statue represents patriarchy, oppression and divisiveness,” Ginther said in a statement. “That does not represent our great city, and we will no longer live in the shadow of our ugly past.”

One need not be a thrall to the traditional American cult of Cristóbal Colón to regard all this as idiotic.

For one thing, the world — even Columbus, Ohio — faces real crises. To waste one minute on this kind of symbolism seems nuts.